Alliance Funding Group Acquires Specialty Coffee Finance

Alliance Funding Group (“AFG”) is pleased to announce that it has acquired Pinnacle Capital Partners, and Specialty Coffee Finance. (“Pinnacle”) an independent specialty finance and leasing company based in Tacoma, Washington. Founded in 2000, Pinnacle is an industry specialist with a focus on the beverage, dental lab, construction, and specialty vehicle markets in addition to […]

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Improving Employee Morale Can Save You Money.

Don’t let the high-cost of turnover hurt your bottom line.  If you’re looking at ways to gain capital for equipment financing, start looking at your turnover rate. Full-time employees spend, on average, 47 to 60+ hours per week working for your business. Employers hope time is well spent and contentment levels are high. After all, investing […]

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Stop Waiting, Start Growing!

Why you should consider Pinnacle Capital as an investment source to upgrade your existing coffee business. If your coffee business has surpassed the statistically-likely-to-fail 2-year mark, take a moment and congratulate yourself. Despite some bumps in the road, you’ve managed to run a successful business and that is an accomplishment worth celebrating. With eyes set […]

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