Equipment Leasing with Specialty Coffee Finance

When you’re trying to finance the roasting equipment you need for your business to help it grow and generate profits, it can be difficult to make the right choice. In the table below, you will see how our products and offerings compare to other forms of lending. To make sure you are looking at the best product for your specific situation, please be sure to contact us!

Payment Plans to meet your cashflow!

At Specialty Coffee Finance, we understand that small businesses have unique cycles, especially pertaining to cash flow.  That’s why we are committed to providing you with flexible and convenient payment plans.

  • Specialty Coffee Finance
  • Cash Lending
  • Bank Lending
Specialty Coffee FinanceCash LendingBank Lending
Funding PurchaseMust Have Cash Up FrontLarge Down Payments & Associated Fees
Easily Upgrade & add EquipmentWould Require New Loan
Match Payments to Cash Flow NeedsMust Have Cash Up FrontLimited Flexibility
Avoids Affecting Bank Lines of CreditWill Affect Bank Lines of Credit
Defer Payments Until Equipment Generates Benefits/RevenueMust Have Cash Up FrontRepayment Begins Immediately
Get Same-Day ApprovalNot ApplicableCould Take Days or Weeks

Seasonal Payments

If you experience an annual decrease in cash flow, Specialty Coffee Finance gives you the choice to make 9 payments annually instead of 12.  You tell us when cash flow is the lightest and we’ll structure your agreement accordingly.

90 Day No Payments

If you need some time before making monthly payments, try this payment schedule. With the 90 Day No Payments Plan, you simply make one payment in advance, then make no payments for the next 90 days!


If you are ready to acquire new equipment, but want to preserve cash flow for an extended period of time, then the $100 for 6 months might be the best choice. With this plan, you make payments of just $100 for the first 6 months giving you time to generate increased cash flow with your new equipment.

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