Vendor Services

At Specialty Coffee Finance, we know that you face fierce competition and have clients that carefully watch their money. That’s why we enable equipment vendors to offer flexible financing options to their customers. Our unique ability to market and help you sell more, along with our credit depth and experience are differentiators that you can count on. At the end of the day, our job is to make you more successful by closing more business, widening your margins, and increasing your customer loyalty.

Solutions to grow:

  • Overcome budget objections
  • Provide answers to client cash flow issues
  • Shorten the selling cycle
  • Maximize up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Give sales teams more tools to close deals

Credit Depth

Most financing companies focus on a narrow credit window (“A” credits only; hard collateral only, etc.) Specialty Coffee Finance has a full stable of finance programs offering competitive programs for start-ups to large publicly traded companies as well as deals as small as $2,000 to $1,000,000+.

Dedicated Account/Program Manager

While it takes more than a single person to handle your transactions, your dedicated account manager is tied directly to your program. They are responsible from helping create the program to integrating and implementing it. Your account manager will help you educate your sales group, help development marketing opportunities and work with you as your teammate to close your sale.

Secure Online Application

We offer a secure, online application to help expedite the application process and get your customer an answer quickly. The application can be our application or one that is branded to look like your company’s web site. We also happily accept applications the “old fashioned way” with a hand-written application and sending via fax (or email).

Customer Intelligence and Marketing Support

You are our customer and your customer is just that, YOUR customer. This relationship allows us to work with your customer and provide you important intelligence about the direction they may be taking their transaction (we all hate to lose deals!). We also have an extensive marketing system that consistently keeps both our company names in front of the customer. We “touch” the customer with e-mail, phone, and direct mail throughout the year on your behalf.

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