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Specialty Coffee Finance (SCF) was originally started by equipment finance leaders back in 2007 as a division of 5280 Financial LLC to serve the coffee roasting & café communities with affordable access to capital.

In 2011, SCF & 5280 Financial LLC were acquired by Pinnacle Capital, (Tacoma, WA).

In 2020, SCF & Pinnacle Capital were acquired by Alliance Funding Group (AFG), (Tustin, CA) which is one of the fastest growing independent companies in the US.

As part of the AFG team, we are able to underwrite, fund, and manage our own portfolio of equipment lease & loans as well as working capital assets throughout the US.   

Today, we continue to grow our company by building solid business relationships built on mutual respect and actively listening to our customers’ needs and differentiating ourselves on our commitment to not only find new relationships and opportunities, but to continually cultivate the ones we have!

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