How Much Social Media Is Too Much?

180622379The reality is the more often social media content is seen or heard, the higher the probability there is that a person becomes customer. However, with the number of platforms continually growing, many business owners have to ask, how many platforms should I be on?

According to a recent study done by a business intelligence company, posts by brands influence 78 percent of consumers when it comes to a purchasing decision. In the last part of our summer social media series, we provide you with 7 new tips of how business owners are using social media successfully:

1. Create short responses that can be pre-approved

Once your social media accounts start to experience a steady flow of traffic, there’s a good chance that many incoming messages will start to increase as well. Although several messages might seem almost identical in nature, you still want to engage with each customer to show them you appreciate their support. Make it simpler by creating a library of frequently used tweets and Facebook replies that can be easily customized

​2. Be open and honest about your brand

Openness and honesty can go a long way in social media. Whenever possible offering consumers information regarding upcoming products or beta testing opportunities allows them to feel involved in your company. In turn, they are more likely to stay in touch and promote your brand.​​

3. Forget focus groups, crowd source instead

Use social media properties in place of costly focus groups. Whether it is a new item on a menu, or a new feature on an electronic, surveying your consumers will not only create interest, but also provide honest feedback.

​4. Create help and support

If you represent a large corporate entity, create an “expert” or “customer service” account for your brand. This account will be responsible for answering any questions or concerns that might pop-up amongst your consumers. Dedicating a brand guru to address issues quickly through social media will not only impress your consumers, but it will aid in the constant improvement of your product or service.

5. Adapt your tone for every situation

Your team should adjust the tone of their response to suit various instances that may arise. The tone to use for everyday interactions should differ from the one used when responding to a crisis.

6. Make use of hashtags

Including 1-3 relevant hashtags with your tweet or post makes it simple for users to find and share your content. Generating an original hashtag will allow users to participate in a conversation with fellow customers and your brand representatives.

7. Keep your content short

Remember that your audience’s attention span can be measured in seconds. Keep your content short and to the point so users do not get bored and click elsewhere.

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