Happy Thursday!December is a busy time for businesses across the country, but don’t let the hectic nature of year-end allow you to miss out on some great tax deduction and purchase advantages before the New Year.

We are here to help you get all the advantages that are still available to you without the headache. Let us show you what we can do!

Section 179 Tax Deduction Scheduled to ExpireYour 2014 fiscal year will be in full swing before you know it; and if you’re like most businesses, there are a number of equipment items that your team needs before starting the new year. Whether it is a new fleet vehicle, large manufacturing equipment or that technology systems upgrade you’ve been holding off on…now is the time!

The Section 179 Tax Deduction is scheduled to expire at the end of the year. By securing your next capital improvement purchase now, you can still take advantage of this beneficial tax deduction in 2013 while getting the perks of your new equipment in 2014.

Give us a call today at 800-566-1993 and we can help explain the Section 179 Tax Deduction and also show you how easy it is to finance with us. It’s just smart business!

$150,000 Application Only ProgramOne of the top reasons businesses don’t secure new equipment is because they don’t want the hassle they expect by financing with their bank.

No need to worry – our $150,000 Application Only Program is designed for businesses that want to secure the new equipment they need, but don’t want to deal with the approval process hassle they expect.

We make it easy. Just provide a completed and signed application, personal guarantee paperwork and your last three (3) months bank statements.

24 hours from now you could be getting a confirmation on your next equipment order.

It’s that easy! Call us today to get things started.

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