10 Tips to Exceptional Customer Service

Hello Again!

When you boil it down, your business only exists because of your customers.

It costs much more to attract new customers than it does to keep current ones, making quality customer service critical. Great customer service not only reduces customer attrition, but it also leads to positive word of mouth for your company.

The following 10 tips will help you provide exceptional customer service.

1) Show customers that you care.

Take the time to regularly remind customers that you appreciate their business (or loyalty).

There are many ways you can thank your customers that leave a lasting impression and encourage them to share their experience with others. You can see a list of great ideas byclicking here.

2) Make your messaging personal. 

Customers are people. They don’t want to be treated like a number or a writing assignment, so make your messages friendly and personable. Write how you would talk to friends (but keep it appropriate)!

Whether it is an email, letter, or phone call, make sure to use your customers’ frist names as much as possible..

3) Look for opportunities to WOW customers.

When special requests come in, don’t immediately reject them. Encourage your employees to go above and beyond to do something out of the ordinary. This will leave a lasting impression and create customer loyalty.

4) Create a customer service culture. 

It takes quality people to provide quality service. If you invest in your team, they will support your mission with a heart to serve!

5) Ask your customers for feedback.

The easiest way to find out what your customers think is to ask them! Leave comment cards in your office, encourage people to leave reviews online, and ask what customers think when you see them in person!

6) Surprise your customers. 

Look for random (or even automated) ways to surprise your customers. Random acts of kindness encourage reciprocity!

7) Create a clear plan for customer service. 

Make sure your team has a playbook for customer service. Provide communication guidelines instead of scripts, and encourage your staff to use their best judgment when necessary.

To be more effective, have your teammates forward calls to people who are subject experts instead of answering every question themselves.

8) Find common ground. 

People generally like you more if they can relate to you. Research your customers’ websites, ask questions during phone calls, and actively listen to see what you share in common. Relationships can be built one step at a time!

9) Solve customer complaints. 

If you take time to resolve customer complaints correctly the first time, customers will be more likely to do business with you again.

In many cases, customers will be MORE satisfied if you resolve their complaint successfully than they would have been with no initial problem!

10) Use positive language.

Even when a situation isn’t positive, using the right language can take a customer’s focus away from negative aspects and allow them to focus on proposed solutions.

What other customer service tips do you think should be on the list?